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01 Peering Policy or Connection Agreement


欢迎与慧泽网络进行Peering、IP Transit等BGP会话。慧泽网络是一个由学生组织的研究型网络项目,其成员来自世界各地。任何与我们建立连接网络将视为同意此协议。

在本对等协议中,"我们"指的是HUIZE LTD。


  • 与我们进行BGP会话的ASN必须在IRR数据库中有对应信息。
  • 与我们进行BGP会话必须至少有一个/48的IPv6地址或者一个/24的IPv4。
  • AS-SET和route/route6信息必须完整。
  • 为了促进RPKI的部署,我们将对RPKI无效的前缀进行过滤。



  • 对质量不佳的网络拒绝对等以及提供IP Transit。
  • 在出现服务器高负载或者高延迟的情况下关闭部分连接。
  • 为了我们系统的安全,我们可能会在任何时候进行渗透测试或者BGP安全评估。在检测到漏洞时,我们会尽量及时的通知对方并提供解决方案。
  • 由于我们是一个由学生组织的研究型组织,我们不会对我们造成的任何损失负责(包括但不限于利润损失、业务中断或数据丢失以及任何直接或间接损害)

HUIZE LTD保留一切解释权



1. Introduction

Welcome to connect with Huize Telecom for Peering, IP Transit, and more. The Huize Telecom or HUIZE-NET is a student-organised research-based network project with members from all over the world. Anyone who establishes a connection to our network will be deemed to have agreed to this agreement.

In this agreement, the word "we" refers to HUIZE LTD.

2. Requirements

  • The ASN with which we are having a BGP session must have a piece of corresponding information in the IRR database.
  • The BGP session with us must have at least one /48 IPv6 address or one /24 IPv4 address.
  • The AS-SET and route/route6 information must be complete.
  • To facilitate the deployment of RPKI, we will filter the RPKI for invalid prefixes.

3. Important Public Notice

In order to promote Internet security and reduce the occurrence of BGP hijacking, DDOS, etc. as well as to ensure the quality of our downstream and peers' networks, we may perform the following actions.

  • Deny peering and offer IP Transit to networks of poor quality.
  • Close some connections in the event of high server load or high latency.
  • For the security of our systems, we may conduct penetration tests or BGP security assessments at any time. When a vulnerability is detected, we will try our best to notify the other party in a timely manner and provide a solution.
  • As we are a research-based organisation organised by students, we will not be liable for any damages caused by us (including, but not limited to, any direct or indirect damages for loss of profits, business interruption or loss of information)

HUIZE LTD reserves all rights of interpretation

This agreement is signed in Xihu District, Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, People's Republic of China

We have provided a translation into English, but in the event of any conflict between the English and Chinese versions, the Chinese version shall prevail, unless required by law.